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This site, which meets modern requirements and has a mobile version, provides only basic information about the academy. Full information is available at the previous site www.mafo-iame.ru.

Basic information

The IAME is the legal successor of the Institute of ecology of polar countries (IEPC), established in 1998 as the basic scientific organization of the St. Petersburg branch of the International inter-academic Union (IIU) and transformed into the IAME in 2002 in the process of mandatory state re-registration of non-profit organizations that are legal entities.

IIU was formed in 1996 with the support of UNESCO for the preservation of scientific relations after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of scientific contacts between Russia, and member countries of the UN-UNESCO. Accordingly, the mission of IEPC was to promote the rapprochement of the Russian scientific and educational system with the relevant systems of other countries on the basis of international conventions to which Russia joined in the early 1990s.

During the transformation of IEPC into the IAME, the mission was supplemented by the promotion of Russia’s integration into the international system of public certification of scientific personnel on the basis of programs adapted to the North American requirements and the requirements of the Bologna process.

The authority to carry out public attestation was ensured by the accreditation of international University associations established in the USA for accreditation of foreign scientific and educational organizations obtained by the IAME in 2002.

In 2016, the IAME was elected a member of the international Commission for higher education (ICFHE) and was granted the right to use the name and symbols of ICFHE in diplomas and certificates.

IAME tasks

  • To promote the integration of Russia into the international scientific and educational system on the basis of international conventions to which Russia joined in the early 90s.
  • Study of the issues of fundamental education and research work on topical problems and challenges of the present.
  • Development of the system of international social and scientific attestation in Russia by development of programs adapted to the North American and European systems of attestation of scientific personnel.

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Training in the IAME

Learn how to get a BBA, MBA, DBA

    Strategic Partners

    The organizations with which real interaction is carried out


    Academy of Consciousness Development

    The Academy for the Development of Consciousness is accredited by ICFHE and there is an agreement on scientific and organizational interaction between the ARS and the IAME


    Research and Education Consortium “Housing Complex of Russia”

    On the basis of the Scientific and Educational Consortium “Housing Complex of Russia” there is a consortium of magistracy and doctoral studies created by the forces of IAME, AHKH and LIMTU (ITMO)



    Participation in the training of housing and communal services in the system IAME-HCS


    Academy of Housing and Communal Services (AHCS)

    AHCS and IAME have an Agreement on scientific and organizational interaction


    International University of Fundamental Education (IUFS)

    Collective Member of International Inter-Academic Union and IAME


    University of California FCE (Foreign Credential Evaluation)

    The IUFS, being a member of the IAME, has a certificate of recognition CU FCE


    International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety Sciences

    Без названия

    St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics


    Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS)

    A number of IAME members – academicians of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences implement joint programs


    International Commission on Higher Education

    International Commission on Higher Education – Houston, Texas, USA


    Omsk Economic Institute

    Between OmEI and IAME there is an Agreement on scientific and organizational interaction


    Transbaikal State University

    Between TSU and IAME there is an Agreement on scientific and organizational interaction


    Bircham International University

    University of Distance Education, accredited by ICFHE, of which IAME is a member


    Academic Institute of Business Administration

    Member of the International Program for Scientific and Public Interaction IAME

    Our Team

    LVP (3)

    Victoria Logvinenko

    Chief Academic Coordinator

    Alexander Bologov

    First Vice President

    Svyatoslav Supranyuk

    President of the IAME
    Потиевский Виктор Александрович.

    Victor Potievsky

    Vice President of IAME

    Vladimir Malakhov

    Vice President of IAME
    Мухамеджанов Насер Закирович

    Naser Mukhamedzhanov

    Vice President of IAME
    Владимир Клочков

    Vladimir Klochkov

    Vice President of IAME

    Werner Koch

    Academician of the IAME

    Alexander Bogdanov

    Academician of the IAME